ROX - Our campaign


  • Campaign for a properly balanced transport policy within the city and a more welcoming approach to car-borne visitors.
  • Organise petitions and protests on behalf of business damaged by the OTS and provide free advice and support for businesses hit by the OTS and other anti-business policies
  • Provide sensible, practical, cost efficient solutions to problems caused by the OTS. We employ traffic consultants and produce detailed street by street proposals for improving the city
  • Undertake business surveys. These are the most representative and accurate surveys of business performance and attitudes in the city. Summaries of key surveys can be read on ROX archives
  • Produce Newsletters and Newsflashes for Oxford businesses about developments in the city. Copies of recent newsletters and business performance surveys can be read on ROX archives
  • Achieve real benefits for businesses and residents such as helping to:
    • Reopen Broad Street for parking
    • Stop £50,000 being wasted on a new bus gate in the High Street
    • Extend parking periods in the Science and other areas
    • Work for better signage in and around the city
    • Prevent 100% increase in the Park and Ride parking charges
  • Work with a wide range of other business organisations and amenity groups in the city. ROX is consulted by the County Council and maintains links with councillors from every political party. We also work with new businesses, amenity groups, colleges and tourist attractions.
  • Publicly voice business concerns in the city. ROX is not afraid to speak its mind - see: ROX press news.

ROX Executive Team

Joint Chairman

Mr. Julian (Toby) Blackwell

President of Blackwell Ltd, Britain's leading academic booksellers and international library suppliers. Within Oxford, Blackwell’s employs over 600 people and has 6 shops, most located in Broad Street.

Joint Chairman

Mr. Jeremy Mogford

One of Britain’s most successful Restaurateurs, Jeremy Mogford currently owns The Old Bank Hotel, Gee's, The Old Parsonage Hotel and the Quod chain of restaurants. He was the founder of Brown's restaurant chain.

Campaign Manager

Mr. Graham Jones

Co-ordinator for ROX. Former Oxford City Councillor.

Finance Officer

Mrs Deborah Pluck

Finance officer for ROX, Deborah is a senior partner of Wenn Townsend, Chartered Accountants, and a member of the Oxfordshire Chamber of Commerce.